10 dimensions of Vision 2030

• The government’s vision for India in 2030, highlighting “10 most important dimensions.” Stating that India aspires to become a $10-trillion economy in the next eight years.

• The first dimension or point of this vision is to build physical as well as social infrastructure for a $10-trillion economy and facilitate ease of living.

Digital India

• While the second dimension of “our vision” is to create a Digital India, making India a pollution-free nation is the third point which will be driven by electric vehicles and renewables.

• “Expanding rural industrialisation using modern digital technologies to generate massive employment is the fourth dimension of our vision,” he said.

• This will be built upon this government’s flagship ‘Make in India’ programme.

• Under the fifth dimension, Mr. Goyal talked about clean rivers and safe drinking water for all Indians.

• India’s long coastline has the potential of becoming the strength of the economy, particularly through exploitation of the Blue Economy coastline and our ocean waters powering India’s development and growth is the sixth dimension of our vision,” the Minister said.

• The seventh dimension of our vision aims at the outer skies… making India self-sufficient in food, exporting to the world to meet their food needs and producing food in the most organic way is the eighth dimension of our vision.


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