3.32 lakh MSME jobs created in 4 years

• Out of the survey sample, 70,941 firms were responsible for this increase. On the whole, nearly two-thirds of the respondents witnessed an increase in hiring activity over the last four years, while 17% witnessed no change.”

• According to the survey, micro enterprises were the largest job generators, having created 2,40,713 jobs or 73% of the net jobs created in the last four years.

Key highlights

• Small enterprises, on the other hand, accounted for 23% of the net jobs created, while medium enterprises accounted for just 4%.

• It looking at the sectoral break-up, the hospitality & tourism sector accounted for 12% of the jobs, while the textiles and apparels and metal products sectors each contributed about 8% to job creation.

• “The other large job generators were machinery parts (7%) and transport & logistics (7%),” the report said. “The top five sectors accounted for over 40% of the jobs, indicating a degree of sectoral concentration.”

• The concentration in terms of geographic dispersion of jobs created was also noticeable, with three States Maharashtra (29%), Gujarat (14%) and Telangana (10%) — accounting for 54% of the jobs created in the last four years.

• The top eight States accounted for over 80% of the jobs.” The survey also found that 5,70,804 jobs are expected to be created over the next one year, which represents a 21% increase over the current employment base.

• The trend seen in the last four years in terms of sectoral break-up will remain largely the same.


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