Abu Dhabi includes Hindi as third language in courts

• The Abu Dhabi Judicial Section (ADJD) has added Hindi as the 3rd formal language to be used in the city’s courts, alongside Arabic and English.

• The go is aimed at encouraging foreigners to understand about litigation treatments, their legal rights and duties without a language barrier, in addition to facilitating registration treatments via unified types available through the judicial department’s web site.

Important Highlights

• The Abu Dhabi Judicial Section has prolonged the adoption of interactive sorts of assertion of promises submitted prior to courts by together with the Hindi language together with Arabic and English in labour situations.

• The adoption of multilingual interactive kinds for declare sheets, grievances and requests, aims to encourage judicial solutions and boost the transparency of litigation techniques. The transfer is designed to increase obtain to justice.

• It is in addition to facilitating registration strategies to the public via simplified and quick forms and elevating litigants’ legal awareness by way of interactive kinds of the statements of statements, to ensure accessibility to the authorized resources associated to the topic of the dispute.

• The adoption of new languages will come as part of the bilingual litigation system, the 1st period of which was introduced in November 2018, through the adoption of strategies demanding the plaintiffs to translate scenario documents in civil and professional lawsuits into English, if the defendant is a foreigner.

• The foreign investor gets the scenario information translated, as a result contributing to the provision of a world-wide judicial company that satisfies the necessities of citizens in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Track record

• The extension of the adoption of interactive types in many languages will come beneath the directives of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs and ADJD Chairman.

• In accordance to formal figures, the UAE population is estimated to be all-around 9 million, of which 88.5 for every cent are expatriate employees from overseas nations around the world.

• The Indian community in the UAE, numbering 2.6 million, constitutes 30 for each cent of the total inhabitants and is the most significant expatriate neighborhood in the place.


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