Asiatic Lion Conservation Project

• The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India has launched the “Asiatic Lion Conservation Project” with an aim to protect and conserve the world’s last ranging free population of Asiatic Lion and its associated ecosystem.

Key concerns

• Asiatic lions that at the time ranged from Persia (Iran) to Palamau in Japanese India were being virtually driven to extinction due to looking and habitat decline.

• A one population of less than 50 lions persisted in the Gir forests of Gujarat by late 1890’s.

• With timely and stringent protection supplied by the Authorities, Asiatic lions have amplified to the present-day population of in excess of 500 figures.

• The previous census of the 12 months 2015 showed the populace of 523 Asiatic Lions in Gir Secured Location Community of 1648.79 sq. km. that includes Gir Nationwide Park, Gir Sanctuary, Pania Sanctuary, Mitiyala Sanctuary adjoining reserved forests, Shielded Forests, and Unclassed Forests.

• This raise in the quantity of lions is attributed to the wildlife conservation strategies, properly-experienced team and vets as very well as support from farmers.
• It truly is populace is at this time rising at about two per cent a calendar year.

About Asiatic Lions

• Asiatic lion are cousins of the African lion. It is believed that both of those obtained divided 100000 decades ago.

• Asiatic lions are marginally more compact and have a distinct fold of skin along their bellies.

• Asiatic lion after inhabited entire southwest Asia, but, in earlier several many years, it bought restricted to the 1400 sq. kilometre Gir Sanctuary in Gujarat state, leading to its listing as critically endangered in the yr 2000.

• The species’ population was underneath danger owing to hunting and human encroachment.

• They are a key tourist attraction in Gujarat. Before, they have been only regarded as the focus on of poachers.


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