Benjamin Netanyahu set to win record fifth term

• Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to win re-election after his main rival former Army chief Benny Gantz conceded defeat.

• This comes after a dramatic finish to a tightly-fought race Parliamentary elections in which Gantz accepted that Netanyahu had won.

Key highlights

• With more than 99 percent of votes counted, Netanyahu’s Likud tied with Gantz’s Blue and White, gaining 35 seats each. No party has crossed the half way mark in the 120 seat Parliament (Knesset).

• However, since a number of right-wing parties have expressed their support for Netanyahu, a coalition between Likud and smaller right-wing parties could form a 65 seat majority.

• Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated Mr Netanyahu for a victory in the polls.

• In a tweet, Mr Modi described him as a great friend of India, saying New Delhi is looking forward to continuing to work with him to take the bilateral partnership to new heights.


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