Bill to make marital rape a crime introduced in Lok Sabha

• The bill proposes the deletion of exception 2 to Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code, which states that sexual intercourse by a guy with his individual spouse is not rape.

• The bill also provides a provision to explanation 2 that “the women’s ethnicity, faith, caste, training, job, garments preference, entertainment desire, social circle, personal impression, earlier sexual conduct or any other similar grounds shall not be a cause to presume her consent to the sexual exercise.”

Abortion legal rights

• The bill proposes amendments to the Medical Termination of Being pregnant Act 1971. The bill proposes renaming of the act to ‘Legal Termination of Being pregnant Act’.

• The modify of title of the act has been proposed on the floor that the utilization of the term ‘medical’ in the title of the Monthly bill produced ambiguity, which mostly impacted rural parts as the doctors there feared to interpret the legislation in scenario of an arrest beneath Area 312 of the Indian Penal Code.

• Area 312 punishes everyone who will cause a voluntary miscarriage which includes the female herself.

Key highlights of this bill

• The bill grants ladies an absolute correct to termination of being pregnant where by they may terminate pregnancy basically by ask for until finally the 12th week of pregnancy.

• The monthly bill also grants women the conditional suitable to terminate their pregnancy until the 20th week.

• This right is conditional on possibility to the everyday living of the expecting girl or of grave damage to her physical or mental health, or if there is a sizeable threat of actual physical, mental or genetic abnormality of the foetus soon after remaining licensed by at least just one Registered Health-related Practitioner.

• The pregnancies induced by rape or by the failure of start handle solutions are deemed to represent a grave personal injury to the psychological wellness of a girl.

• The bill also grants a restricted suitable of abortion until finally the 24th week of pregnancy.

• The Act confined termination of being pregnant to the 20th week of being pregnant until the survival of the girl was at threat.

• This led to susceptible women like victims of rape and disabled females who had no threat of injury, a danger to their everyday living or foetus with an abnormality be embroiled in a lawful dispute for their right to abort.

• For this reason, in purchase to stay clear of an extra trauma for these susceptible ladies, the invoice proposes an extension of the limit to the 24th week.

• It is not indefinite, as around 22-24th week foetus will become feasible and it has the skill to reside outside the womb of the mom, upholding the foetus’s right to everyday living more than the selection of the mom.

Totally free distribution of sanitary napkins

• The monthly bill additional proposes a modification to Right to Instruction Act to make provision for cost-free distribution of sanitary napkins by schools.

• It also mandates that all public authorities must make certain the availability of sanitary napkins, totally free of cost, at offices.


Mains Paper 1: Society

Prelims level: Abortion legal rights

Mains level: Significant provisions of this bill

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