BIS to set standards for the services sector too

• The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has kicked off the process to set new standards to measure the quality of services offered to consumers across different sectors, including telecom, aviation, e-commerce and healthcare.

• The BIS, which sets the quality regulations for various products from gold to bottled water, called a meeting of industry bodies to ‘persuade them to be part of the process and give their inputs.’

• The service sector is one of the key sectors of the Indian economy with a huge potential to grow into one of the largest markets of the world. Standards can play a major facilitative role in this regard. It is important that the standardization needs and priorities of the sector are determined.

• During the meeting, the BIS pointed out that the initial focus will be on the 12 champion services sectors identified by the government. These include IT, tourism and hospitality, transport and logistics, accounting and finance services, legal services, communication services and construction.

• The Bureau of Indian Standards is set to formulate a framework for quality services that should be provided to consumers and also talk about the benchmarks to deal with consumer complaints or after-sales service in an effort to ensure quality in the services sector.

• The BIS will set up a separate ‘divisional council’ for services in a month’s time. Under this, different technical committees will be set up – one for each service. The committees will have various stakeholders such as government officials, expert and industry representative.

• The process was initiated after concerns over lack of standardization, particularly with regards to after-sales service.

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