Centre ties up with IIT-Delhi for safety switches on vehicles

• The Ministry of Electronics and IT in partnership with IIT-Delhi is working on a switch-based device in cars and buses to aid safety of women.

• The idea comes in the wake of issue of safety of women in the country

=> Working

• The technology is used to ensure help in case of distress while travelling in public transport.

• The proposed panic switch system when invoked will generate a loud alarm in the vehicle which will attract public attention, and send the coordinates of the person to a server (police control room) to provide necessary help

• The system will include features such as authenticating the driver of the vehicles and a camera interface.

• The system is designed to monitor the health of the switch, whether it is in proper working condition or not

• It will also enable tamper proof operation

=> Funding

• The project, being developed by IIT-Delhi, is being funded by the Nirbhaya Fund, set up in 2013 for implementation of initiatives aimed at enhancing the safety and security of women in the country.

=> Current Status

• The field trials for the beta version of the system are already underway, and the Ministry expects to start rolling out the final version by next month.

=> Background

• The total number of crimes registered against women in the country during the year 2014, 2015 and 2016 were 3,39,457, 3,29,243 and 3,38,954, respectively.

• The government had also announced plans to make it mandatory for mobile phone makers to provide a panic button on the device starting January 2017.

• However, the plans were delayed by almost a year. The trial for the system finally started in U.P. earlier this year.

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