Construction Technology India-2019

• Recently, the Prime Minister of India has inaugurated Construction Technology India -2019 conference.

• The aim of the conference is to identify proven, innovative and globally established technologies for use in the Indian context.

• The conference is being organized as a component of the Global Housing Technology Challenge.

Global Housing Technology Challenge

• Global Housing Technology Challenge – India is an initiative by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Govt. of India, with an aim to identify, evaluate and shortlist a basket of proven & potential innovative technologies from across the globe and subsequently mainstream them in the Indian construction sector that is sustainable, green, disaster resilient.

GHTC-India has the following three components:

• Component 1 – Conduct of EXPO-Cum-Conference

• Component 2 – Identifying Proven Demonstrable Technologies: Inducting suitable established technologies from across the globe to the Indian market through shortlisting and actual construction of Light House Projects.

• The selected sites for lighthouse projects will be used as an ‘open laboratory’ for live demonstration and will receive due attention from academia, practitioners, policy makers (Central/ State) and media apart from felicitation/ recognition in Grand Expo-cum-Conference.

• Component 3 – Establishment of Affordable Sustainable Housing Accelerators India (ASHA-India) for Indian technologies which have potential but not market ready yet.


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