CPEC to consider Pak. social sector priorities

• China and Pakistan are looking afresh at projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

• Prime Minister Imran Khan’s focus on the development of social infrastructure.

Wang’s visit

• Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s three-day visit to Islamabad, where the CPEC was discussed,

• Mr Geng said: “The two sides will enhance the building of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and decide the future development path and the course for cooperation through negotiations in light of Pakistan’s next-stage socio-economic development priorities and the needs of its people.”

• “We will prioritise the faster development of industrial cooperation and livelihood projects, gradually extend them to the western part of Pakistan and enable more Pakistanis to benefit from the CPEC.”

• Mr Geng’s focus on developing social infrastructure in Pakistan chimes with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s emphasis on pursuing a people-oriented approach.

What media reports says?

• Meanwhile, Pakistan media reports said that Mr Khan’s adviser on commerce, textiles, industries and investment.

• Abdul Razak Dawood, has dismissed a Financial Times report on CPEC, stating that his statements were taken out of context.

• Pakistan’s commitment to CPEC would not change.

• He added that during the recent visit of Mr Wang, both countries decided to take their strategic partnership forward, stressing that commitments to CPEC would be honoured and were unwavering, Pakistan’s Geo TV reported.

• The CPEC agreement with China, citing Islamabad’s unease with what it claimed were unjust benefits being enjoyed by Beijing-owned companies.


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