@CyberDost: Home Ministry launches Twitter account to spread awareness about cybercrimes

• Union Ministry of House Affairs (MHA) has introduced Twitter account @CyberDost to unfold recognition about cybercrimes and usual precautions to be taken.

• It is aimed at maximizing people’s essential knowledge about cybercrimes and safeguards to be taken for avoidance.


• This twitter manage will educate individuals about different channels by way of which complaints about cyber-crimes can be submitted and will make individuals informed of their responsibilities relating to misuse of cyber place by some people today in the region.

• It will also support to mitigate options of disruption in normal company things to do or losses due to cyber-crimes by developing ecosystem to avoid and control cyber-crimes.

• The data shared on this take care of will greatly enhance simple expertise of followers about cyber-crimes and precautionary actions to be taken to prevent such criminal offense.

Track record

• The data and communication technological innovation is getting used in all walks of general public life like banking, transport, airways, railways, electricity and other sectors.

• With increased use of engineering for day to working day functions, chance of cyber-crimes is also expanding.

• It has an ability making and public awareness are crucial components for obviating affect of cybercrimes and building ideal weather for belief-primarily based transactions.

• Government is dedicated to develop ecosystem to avert and command cybercrimes to mitigate the likelihood of disruption in typical business enterprise activities or losses owing to cybercrimes.


Mains Paper 2: Governance

Prelims level: @CyberDost

Mains level: Government initiatives and transformation

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