Delhi government launches Zero Fatality Corridor

• The Delhi government on Monday kicked off its pilot project of creating Delhi’s first ‘zero fatality corridor’ while also issuing actionable points to all agencies to ensure a 10% reduction in road accidents by the end of the year.

• As per the government’s plan, a 3km stretch between Burari Chowk and Bhalswa chowk will be taken as a case study for scientific assessment of accidents, road engineering, road-user engagement and for checking police enforcement and rapid emergency care.

Vital highlights

• Delhi saw 1,691 road crash fatalities last year and the pilot project is a new approach to tackle this problem.

• The stretch has four blackspots to be studied Burari Chowk, Bhalswa Chowk, Jahangirpuri Bus Stand and Mukundpur Chowk.

• This 3km stretch claimed 67 lives over the two years 2016 and 2017.
• The stretch sees a mix of fast moving heavy goods vehicles on the Outer Ring Road and pedestrians, cyclists and slow moving vehicles emerging from nearby localities merge with these heavy vehicle traffic.

Action plan for 2019

• To mark the opening of the 30th Road Safety Week of the government, the transport minister also released the first-ever Annual Action Plan for 2019 to ensure greater road safety in the national capital.

• The plan includes conducting a host of audits such as studying and identifying unsafe roads, transportation of schoolchildren, road signage, emergency care service and enforcement activities of agencies.

• The plan, mandatory under Delhi’s first ‘road safety policy’ released last year, is in line with the Delhi government’s plan to reduce fatalities due to road crashes by 30% by 2020. “It binds all agencies transport, public works department, health, education and Delhi traffic police to a year-round set of actions to reduce road fatalities in Delhi.


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