Editorial Analysis || Friends or Seoul-mates?

• South Korean President Moon visited India recently.

• South Korea wants to upgrade India-South Korea relations.

• South Korea had launched the New Southern Policy last year to increase S. Korea’s ties
with India and the ASEAN countries.

Why South Korea is so important?

• South Korea has been impacted by power politics between the U.S. and China.

• The deployment of the U.S. THAAD missile defence system in the Korean Peninsula has led to an economic retaliation by China against South Korea.

• South Korea’s economy is highly dependent on the Chinese market.

• The ongoing U.S.-China trade war has increased the uncertainty of South Korea’s core economic interests leading to a threat to the national security of South Korea.

Relation between India and South Korea

• South Korean wants to improve relations with India to the same level as with U.S., China, Japan and Russia.

• India and South Korea are working together on ensuring freedom of
navigation, air and lawful commerce in the Indo-Pacific region;

• South Korea supports India’s membership of Nuclear Suppliers Group

• India and South Korea are working with 3rd countries like Afghanistan for
regional development.

• There is immense potential for cooperation between India and South
Korea to bring real change in global order.

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