Editorial Analysis || Sanctions relief: on U.S waiver for India

• CAATSA was passed last year to impose sanctions on any country carrying out significant defence and energy trade with Russia, Iran and North Korea.

• The law took away the USA’s presidential powers to decide on such matters.

• The U.S. will introduce a presidential waiver in controversial Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA).

• This will help India and USA prevent a standoff over India’s decision to go ahead with Russia’s S-400 Triumf missile system deal.

• Earlier there was a threat of sanctions by the U.S. under CAATSA.

• India a three-fold case for the waiver to but S-400 Triumf system:

• No weapons India bought would be used against the U.S.

• The sanctions would hamper India’s military abilities, a key partner of the USA in Indo-Pacific

• India has significantly reduced its dependence on Russian military
hardware while increasing defence purchases from the U.S.A.

• The resolution of CAATSA-related sanctions is welcome.


• However, it is not the only problem in the U.S.-India relationship.

• The ‘2+2 dialogue’ of the External Affairs and Defence Ministers can be used to discuss:

• The sanctions proposed by the USA for energy trade with Iran
measures at the World Trade.

• Organization over tariffs and counter tariffs imposed on each other.

Link: https://tt93a.app.goo.gl/GiGpRYjtvY16For76

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