[Editorial Analysis] There is a series of steps that the new Indian govt should take to cement ties with China

Mains Paper 2: International Relations

Prelims level: Pune Action Plan on India-China Relations

Mains level: Highlights of the Pune Action Plan on India-China Relations


• India heads into a general election, it is important to keep focus on and not lose track of how the country must shape its foreign policy over the coming five years.

• Suggestions, inputs, advice on these issues will be valuable to whichever government is formed. Within our larger foreign policy matrix, there is no denying the fact that India’s relations with China constitute one of our most important challenges in the national security arena.

• Thus, even while attention is currently on the election schedule, thinkers, analysts, academicians and observers in western India have been giving a lot of thought to the next steps in India-China ties.

Highlighting the Pune Action Plan on India-China Relations

• China’s polity is highly centralized. It will be essential to have an early visit to India by Chinese President Xi Jinping in the second half of 2019 to keep up the momentum from the Wuhan Informal Summit of April 2018.

• The positive aspect of the informal summit format is that it permits just the two leaders of the most populous nations on the globe.

• It will be important to enhance military-to-military interaction and cooperation between India and China. On the border itself, there is a need for new confidence-building measures.

• To address the increasingly adverse balance of trade Indian pharmaceutical products, particularly our cheap formulations.

• Attracting more Chinese tourists ensure facilities in India for Chinese tourists who have very special needs.

• Fourth, it is important to acknowledge that China has rediscovered Bollywood. We must continue to promote yoga in China.

• It will be essential to engage China in the field of sports, where they are extremely strong.

• While Vivo and Oppo will continue to sponsor the Indian Premier League in cricket, we can encourage Chinese coaches in table tennis, gymnastics, track and field, as well as shooting, archery and swimming to come to India and train our youngsters. We shall benefit from such assistance.

• China, which is an important manufacturer of solar panels and other related equipment, must join the ISA at an early date.

Way forward

• We shall have to continue working with China to convince them that they must remove their hold at the UN Security Council on the listing of Masood Azhar under the 1267 sanctions.

• The negotiations on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) are now mainly between India and China.

• To putting our links with China on a firmer footing can be done simultaneously with stronger ties with other players in the region.


Prelims Questions:

Q.1) Which among the following writs is known as ‘bulwark of individual liberty against arbitrary detention’?

a) Habeas Corpus

b) Mandamus

c) Prohibition

d) Quo-warranto

Correct Answer: A

Mains Questions:


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