Emission levels rising faster in Indian cities than in China

• Urbanisation is accelerating greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles in India at a faster than in China.

Key Highlights

• Due to rapid urbanization, the greenhouse gas emission from vehicle is rising in India which is contrast with other developed nation where urbanization has led to reduction in greenhouse emission.

• Urbanization meant shorter distances between the workplace and home and thereby, a preference for public transport however this concept is not applied for developing countries.

• In China a 1% increase in urbanization was linked with a 0.12% increase in CO2 emissions whereas, in India, it translated into 0.24% increase in emissions.

• In spite of being the 4th largest emitter, India’s per capita emissions are much lower than the world average of 4.2 tonnes. But those emissions have been growing steadily, with an average growth rate over the past decade of 6%.

• According to the report fuel price hikes aren’t always a solution to curb emissions because with a ₹1 increase in diesel price, commuting emissions decreased by 11% in some districts whereas it only fell by about 3% in low-income districts.

• Higher socio-economic status and heavy reliance on private travel modes led to higher commuting emissions in Delhi than in other megacities.


Mains Paper 3: Environment | Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment

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Mains level: Problem of Vehicular Pollution in India

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