[Gist of Yojana December ] Introduction of Digital India

Mains Paper 3: Science and Technology

Prelims level: Digital India

Mains level: Awareness in the fields of IT


• History has been witness to many social and economic revolutions.

• Beginning with agriculture, going on to industrial and then technological, these revolutions have changed the face of humanity and now the digital revolution is transforming society, culture and lifestyles.

• The IT revolution is a boon for the Indian youth as a generator of employment and revenue.

• Earlier one had to go physically or stand in queues for availing services. Now, Passport and visa services, railway bookings, withdrawal of cash, payments etc. have been digitized.

• Aadhar was the first major initiative of the Government to streamline Government services through direct benefit transfer and the JAM Trinity.

What is direct Benefit transfer (DBT) and JAM trinity?

• DBT is transferring benefits of the central government‘s social welfare directly to the bank accounts of beneficiaries.

• It ensures a simpler and faster flow of funds/information to the accurate beneficiaries thereby reducing duplication and fraud.

• JAM Trinity i.e. JanDhan, Aadhaar and Mobile are DBT enablers.

• The reason for promoting the concept of DBT is to reduce the leakage in the Public Distribution System.

• Jeevan pramaan has made life easier for the old who can now get verification of life through digital certificates to draw their pension. It is a Aadhar based Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners.

• Common service centres (CSCs), digital classrooms and e-hospitals have enabled
access to services in rural and remote areas.

What are Common Service Centers (CSCs)?

• Common Services Centre (CSC) programme is an initiative of the Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY) under the Government of India.

• They are the access points for delivery of electronic services of the government to the remote parts of India where the availability of internet and electronics is negligible.

• They contribute to make the society, socially, financially and digitally inclusive.

• But this also had seen challenges in terms of fake content, online frauds, cyberbullying to which the Government has taken several cybersecurity measures to ensure robust data delivery systems.

• The journey to digitization has been one of inclusive growth, transforming India into a global economy.

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