[Gist of Yojana November] Towards clean and healthy villages

Mains Paper 2: Governance

Prelims level: ODF

Mains level: Resolving open defecation problem and related issues


• Our country lives in her villages and only when the villages are developed the holistic and inclusive development of the country is possible.

• The government is making all efforts to bring about large scale development in the villages and cleanliness is the most important component of this effort.

• If the villages are not clean then the development of the villages will remain incomplete and transforming the destiny of our villages Include the SBM (grameen) for an inclusive development.

Unique initiatives

• SHG have helped by investing their savings in cleanliness related works.

• The panchayats have made efforts in not only connecting the masses with the cleanliness program, but with the cooperation of all made the village ODF.

Managing waste water with the help of MGNREGA

• Telangana state soakage pits are being constructed through MGNREGA at family and community level.

• In the Nanded district of Maharashtra MGNREGA funds were utilized for making soakage pits which has helped to get rid of the mosquitoes in the villages.

• Construction of Lingpui water tank of tlenguam in Mizoram was started as an innovative experiment under MGNREGA. This water tank has been build in the shape of an airplane along the road leading to the airport in Aizawl district.

• Toilets constructed in the tank premises helps earn income for gram panchayat.

• Haryana government has developed a five pond system in rural areas for stabilization of waste water under MGNREGA with an objectives is to ensure proper disposal of waste water and provide better living

• Ariad gram panchayat in Thrissur district of Kerala has started a project to produce construction material like cement which was used for MGNREGA works like construction of individual household toilet.

• Using MGNREGA, vermicomposting units are also being constructed.

Physical achievements under MGNREGA in the year 2017-18

• About 9 lakh toilets

• 219000 soakage pits

• 183000 solid waste management through constructing vermilion/NADEP compost pits
• 384000 water conservation work.

Way forward

• Considering the diversity of the villages in the country it should be kept in mind that no one model of sanitation can be adopted for all 238617 gram Panchayats in India.

• We have to focus on developing such measures which are easy to adopt, economical and have. Minimum technical

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