Google Bolo: Reader-Tutor App

• Google has recently launched a new app called Bolo. It will help students in India read in Hindi and English and work as a tutor of sorts.

Key highlights

• The Bolo app comes after a pilot project that Google ran in Uttar Pradesh with ASER centre.

• The annual ASER 2018 report showed that of all students enrolled in grade 5 in rural India, only about half of them can confidently read a grade 2 level textbook.

• The Google Bolo app will hope to plug that gap with its tutor-based approach in helping children read.

• The app includes an Assistant called Diya as well, which encourages children with their reading, understanding skills.

• The app relies on Google’s speech recognition and text-to-speech technology and currently limited to two languages, Hindi and English.


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