Government bans Khalistan Liberation Force

• The federal government has banned Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF) under the Unlawful Pursuits (Avoidance) Act (UAPA) for its involvement in various killings, bombings and other terror activities through its violent campaign for the secession of Punjab. KLF will be the 40th organisation to be proscribed below the UAPA law.

• The ban comes in the backdrop of a variety of businesses unearthing several KLF modules in the latest months which has led to apprehensions that it is making an attempt to revive militancy in the state.

Khalistan Liberation Pressure

• The Khalistan Liberation Force arrived into existence in 1986 with the objective of developing an independent Khalistan by the secession of Punjab from India via violent means. The pursuing circumstances led to apprehensions that KLF is trying to revive militancy in the point out:

• A five-member KLF module was busted by the Punjab Law enforcement, which resulted in working out the two circumstances relating to planting of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in Nabha, Punjab.

• A module was busted in Gurudaspur district and 4 terrorists were arrested with illegal arms and ammunition. It was alleged that they ended up arranging to focus on Pathankot dependent leaders of a distinct political party.

• Amritsar police had busted yet another module and a few KLF terrorists were being arrested, who had been scheduling to goal distinguished customers of a distinct neighborhood to disrupt communal harmony in Punjab.

• Jalandhar law enforcement experienced also busted a Khalistan Zindabad Power module of four associates and arrested the main of KLF alongside with illegal arms and ammunition

• The Home Ministry justifying the ban states that the associates of KLF in India are finding monetary and logistic help from their handlers centered overseas and it thinks that the KLF is concerned in terrorism as it has committed and participated in several acts of terrorism in India.

Unlawful Activities (Avoidance) Act

• Illegal Pursuits (Avoidance) Act (UAPA) aims at successful prevention of unlawful things to do associations in India, gives unrestricted powers to regulation enforcement businesses for working with routines directed versus the integrity and sovereignty of India.

• The legislation imposes acceptable restrictions on exercising of independence of speech and expression, to assemble peaceably without the need of arms and to variety associations in passions of sovereignty and integrity of India.


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