Government extends ban on import of milk products from China for 4 months

• India which is the major producer and consumer of milk has prolonged the ban on import of milk products from China for 4 months. The ban would go on until 23rd April 2019 as for every the notification issued by the Ministry of Commerce.

• The Directorate Normal of Foreign Trade (DGFT), an arm of the commerce ministry which deals with the norms related to exports and imports of the region in a statement has explained that “Prohibition on import of milk, milk solutions (together with candies, chocolate merchandise, candies, confectionary food preparations with milk or milk solids as a component) from China is prolonged for a further time period of four months, i.e. until April 23, 2019, or until additional orders”.

Why the Ban?

• The ban was largely imposed thanks to the issues about the presence of melamine in some of the milk consignments from China.

• Melamine is a harmful non-edible chemical employed for generating plastics and fertilisers.

• Even nevertheless India does not import milk items from China, the ban is imposed as a preventive measure.


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Prelims level: Ban on the import of milk products from China

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