Health Ministry launches sputum sample transportation Through Dept of Post

• The Health Ministry launched a pilot for utilising services of Department of Post for transport of sputum specimen for TB Diagnosis in Karawal Nagar Delhi.

• Shri Sanjeeva Kumar, AS and DG(RNTCP & NACO) launched the initiatives in presence of Shri Sanjeev Khirwar, Principle Secretary (Health), GNCTD, Sh. Harpreet Singh, Post Master General (M& BD), and Dr. KS Sachdeva, DDG TB.

Need for postal transportation of Sputum

• A significant proportion of patients are not tested because the specimen does not reach the laboratory due to non-availability of specimen transport mechanisms.

• Transport of collected specimen also spares the patient’s from travelling to the reference laboratory.

• Prompt transport of specimen followed by efficacious testing will enable appropriate management of the TB patients and reduced disease transmission.

• The learning from Delhi Pilot experience will be useful for adaptation of specimen transport mechanism through the Postal Department across the country.

About Nikshay Version 2.0

• The web-based application of RNTCP, Nikshay Version 2.0 with better user interface and data structures.

• The mobile app for all major functions on Nikshay, is available on Google Play for download.

• The web-application is also designed to be mobile friendly, enabling data entry also from the mobile browser.


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