Health ministry urged to frame law to ban manufacture, sale of e-cigarettes

• The Commerce Ministry has asked its Health Counterpart to frame a law for banning manufacture and sale of e-cigarettes in the country.

• Earlier, the Health Ministry had asked the Commerce Ministry to issue a notification banning import of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), including e-cigarettes and flavoured hookah.

• Without banning domestic sale and manufacturing of ENDS through a law, ban on its import will amount to the infringement of global trade norms.

• In August last year, the health ministry had issued an advisory to all states and Union Territories (UTs) to stop the manufacture, sale and import of ENDS.

• In March, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization also directed all drug controllers in states and UTs to not to allow the manufacture, sale, import and advertisement of ENDS, including e-cigarettes and flavoured hookah, in their jurisdictions.

Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS)

• ENDS heat a solution (e-liquid) to create an aerosol which frequently contains flavourants, usually dissolved into Propylene Glycol or/and Glycerin.

• Electronic cigarettes, the most common prototype, are devices that do not burn or use tobacco leaves but instead vaporise a solution so that a user can inhale. The main constituents of the solution, in addition to nicotine, are propylene glycol, with or without glycerol and flavouring agents.

• ENDS solutions and emissions also contain some other toxicant chemicals.


Mains Paper 2 : Governance

Prelims level : e-cigarettes

Mains level : Nicotine Delivery Systems

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