India-Pakistan exchange list of Nuclear Installations

• India and Pakistan have exchanged their checklist of nuclear installations.
• The exchange was in accordance with the Settlement on Prohibition of Assaults in opposition to Nuclear Installations and Services concerning Pakistan and India.
Key highlights of the agreement on Prohibition of Assaults towards Nuclear Installations and Facilities

• The Arrangement was signed concerning India and Pakistan on 31 December 1988 at Islamabad and arrived into drive on 27th January 1991. As per the settlement:

• The two India and Pakistan would chorus from enterprise, encouraging or taking part in, instantly or indirectly, any motion aimed at creating the destruction of, or damage to, any nuclear installation or facility in the other nation.

• Both of those India and Pakistan will advise every other about their nuclear installations and facilities on 1st January each and every yr and also whenever there is a modified.

• Both international locations have adopted the agreement as a component of their efforts to uphold sturdy peace and produce helpful and harmonious bilateral relations.

• The exchange underneath the arrangement is also a self confidence-constructing evaluate in the bilateral relations.


Mains Paper 2: International Relations

Prelims level: India-Pakistan exchange list

Mains level: Significance and impacts of this exchange list

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