India puts four more Nuclear facilities under IAEA safeguards

• India has decided to place four more reactors under the IAEA safeguards.

• Accordingly, two Russian-designed Pressurised Light Water Reactors and two Pressurised Heavy Reactors being built with Indian technology will be covered.

• Sekhar Basu the Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission and Secretary Department of Atomic Energy stated that a total of 26 Indian nuclear facilities will be under the international nuclear energy watchdog.

About Nuclear programme:

• Giving an update on the country’s nuclear power programme, Basu said the plans to build 21 reactors by 2030 was on track.
• Discussions with foreign partners for bringing different technology are also on, he said.

• He also said “We have signed the industrial-way-forward agreement between NPCIL, India and EDF of France in March for the establishment of six nuclear power reactors of EPR technology.

• The indigenously developed prototype fast breeder reactor of 500 MWe is undergoing sodium commissioning and criticality is expected next year.

Record performance:

• In power generation, a notable achievement was one of the longest run of reactor Unit-1 of Kaiga plant.

• By reaching 859 days of continuous operation, it has become the third longest running plant in the world.

• Four other reactors also continue to operate for 450 days and above.

• The Atomic Energy Chief claimed that “These achievements establish the soundness of technology and efficiency in operation and maintenance,”

• The units 1&2 at Karapar Power Station experienced pressure tube leaks.

• After an indepth study of the root cause and detailed evaluation by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), these units have been permitted to restart.

• Unit 2 was restarted after coolant channel replacement, he added.

• The DAE has signed an agreement with the Department of Natural Resources of Canada on Science & Technology and Innovation and another with VINATOM of Vietnam on training and capacity building.

• In April, an inter-governmental collaboration was inked with Fermilab in the field of Neutrino Physics during the visit of US Secretary of Energy.

Cancer care:

• Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) has played a significant role in enhancing the capacity of trained manpower to deal with the problem of cancer by short term and long-term training to IAEA fellows.

• Over 150 personnel from Africa and Asia have been trained in the field of cancer care.

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