India rebuts CDC Zika alert for Indian travel

• The Indian Federal government has strongly rebutted the US Heart for Ailment Regulate and Prevention’s (CDC) journey advisory for Indian journey.

• The Zika notify will adversely impact tourism.

What is the journey advisory?

• The CDC’s travel advisory forbids expecting women of all ages to vacation to India as Zika is “endemic” in the region. The advisory also asks travellers to get precaution to avoid mosquito bites and use condoms or not have sexual intercourse to shield from Zika for the duration of the vacation.

• Pregnant women are advised not to journey to areas with risk of Zika since Zika infection for the duration of being pregnant can induce significant beginning problems.

• India was set less than Degree 2 alert which needs enhanced protection. Level 1 precaution calls for “usual precautions”, and Stage 3 advises from the non-vital journey.

India’s rebuttal

• India has despatched a rebuttal to CDC along with all investigate finished on the Zika pressure in India, the cases reported, measures taken etc.

• India has taken powerful objection to the use of the phrase “endemic” due to the fact the Zika outbreaks in India are localised and contained in just small places, be it in Gujarat exactly where 3 cases were noted final yr, in Tamil Nadu or the far more new 1 in Rajasthan.

• Investigate by experts at the Indian Council of Clinical Investigation has proven that the Zika strains in India are much less virulent than in Brazil and are not linked with microcephaly.


• Zika is a mosquito-borne an infection spread by a virus. Zika was very first recognized in Uganda in 1947 among monkeys and was detected in human beings five many years afterwards.

• Sporadic scenarios have due to the fact been described throughout the world considering the fact that the 1960s.

• In 2015, Brazil noted a significant Zika outbreak. The research’s also linked Zika to microcephaly (i.e. infants born with modest and underdeveloped brains).


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