India to build new vertical bridge to replace Pamban Bridge

• Indian Railways is developing the country’s 1st vertical-raise bridge to link Rameswaram in the Arabian Sea to mainland India. The bridge will allow for ships and steamers to pass by without any hindrance.

• The new bridge would substitute the current 104-calendar year-old Pamban bridge. It would be ready in the following 4 a long time.

About the New Vertical Bridge

• The New Bridge will have a 63-metre stretch which will carry up when remaining parallel to the deck to permit accessibility to the ships.

• The lifting would be accomplished making use of sensors at every single finish.

• The new bridge will have electro-mechanical controlled programs which will be interlocked with practice handle programs in place of present manual operation and control.

Pamban Bridge

• Pamban Bridge connects the town of Rameswaram on Pamban Island to mainland India. Pamban Bridge was the 1st sea bridge of India and was the longest sea bridge in India right until the Bandra-Worli Sea Hyperlink was opened in 2010.

• Pamban Bridge is located in a really challenging area. It is situated the world’s next most corrosive atmosphere after Florida and is vulnerable to significant-velocity cyclones. This tends to make routine maintenance very demanding.


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