India, U.K. in talks over education

• India and the United Kingdom (U.K.) were holding talks to seal an agreement on mutual recognition of educational qualifications.

• Education was a major area of bilateral cooperation between the two sides which was likely to feature in official discussions during the upcoming London visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

=> Issue

• We have 14,000 masters students from India in the U.K. Students form an important part of bilateral ties.

• But the one-year masters degrees given by the UK universities are not recognised in India.

• So discussion is under way for an agreement to mutually recognise these degrees. This will open up more opportunities for the students and this also seems to be fair to the students.

• One of the factors that had prevented India from recognising the one-year master courses was the fact that several less-reputed educational institutions were also found to be offering such courses, often jeopardising academic prospects of students.

=> Background

• Educational cooperation would be one of the major issues on the table in the Commonwealth Heads of Governments Meeting (CHOGM)

• While international issues like the attempted assassination of an ex-Russian spy and his daughter with nerve chemical agent were expected to be the talking points at the Commonwealth meeting

• The bilateral issues like cybersecurity cooperation and data protection were also expected to be on top of the agenda.

• India last month also signed an agreement on mutual recognition of educational degrees with France, during the visit of President Emmanuel Macron to Delhi. The British envoy observed that ongoing talks between London and Delhi were on the lines of the Indo-France one.

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