Indian Railways to eliminate Unmanned Level Crossings (UMLCs) on Broad Gauge in a Mission Mode

• Indian Railway has taken a mission area to eliminate all Unmanned Level Crossings (UMLCs) on Broad Gauge and accordingly special efforts have been made so that elimination can be completed at the earliest.

• There were 3479 Unmanned Level Crossings on Broad Gauge routes.

• Total 3402 UMLCs have been eliminated in last seven months. Balance 77 UMLCs have also been planned to be eliminated by December 2018.

• Most of the UMLCs have been eliminated either by provision of Subway/RUBs or by manning.

Progress of elimination in last 10 years is as under

• In last 7 months progress improved more than 5 times as compared to last years.

• All Unmanned level crossings on routes having speed more than 130KMPH and on Sub-urban routes have been eliminated.

• 12 Zonal Railways – Central Railway, Eastern Railway, East Central Railway, East Coast Railway, North Eastern Railway, North East Frontier Railway, Southern Railway, South Central Railway, South Eastern Railway, South East Central Railway & West Central Railway are now become UMLC free on Broad Gauge route.

• The elimination of UMLCs on war footing, accidents at UMLCs have reduced from 65 in 2009-10 to 3 in 2018-19.


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Mains level: Eliminating UMLCs to prevent deadly accidents

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