India’s nuclear triad is complete with INS Arihant ending its first deterrence patrol

• Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the crew of the INS Arihant for completing its first deterrence patrol.

• It completing the country’s nuclear triad.

• INS Arihant is India’s first nuclear ballistic missile submarine.

• With the increase in nuclear arms, a credible nuclear deterrence is very important for our country.

• The success of INS Arihant is a major achievement for our country and a big step towards India’s security.

• Arihant is an open warning for India’s enemies and for enemies of peace. Arihant’s success is also a fitting response to those who indulge in nuclear blackmail.

Way forward

• The Agni ballistic missiles and Mirage 2000 fighter jets could deliver the nuclear weapons from the land and sea respectively, but a nuclear-powered submarine was missing from the nuclear triad.

• The nuclear triad gives India the capability to strike with nuclear weapons from land, air and sea.

• The nuclear-powered submarines which have nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles are considered the triad’s most “difficult-to-detect” and therefore the most effective part.


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