Infinitely recyclable plastic invented by scientists

• Scientists have developed a novel plastic that can be completely recycled as many times as required, without the use of toxic chemicals or intensive lab procedures.

• Plastics are cheap, lightweight and long-lasting. For these same reasons, plastics waste in causing major environmental problems around the globe.

• Researchers from Colorado State University in the US discovered a polymer with many of the same characteristics we enjoy in plastics, such as lightweight, heat resistance, strength and durability.

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• The new polymer, unlike typical petroleum plastics, can be converted back to its original small-molecule state for complete chemical recyclability.

• Polymers are a broad class of materials characterised by long chains of chemically bonded, repeating molecular units called monomers.

• Synthetic polymers today include plastics, as well as fibres, ceramics, rubbers, coatings, and many other commercial products.

• The monomer can be conveniently polymerised under environmentally friendly, industrially realistic conditions: solvent-free, at room temperature, with just a few minutes of reaction time and only a trace amount of catalyst.

• The Polymer material has a high molecular weight, thermal stability and crystallinity, and mechanical properties that perform very much like a plastic.

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