ITU to open its first ever innovation centre in India by July

• The United Nations’ telecom body ‘International Telecommunication Union (ITU)’ has planned to set up its first ever Innovation Centre in India to incorporate technologies from South Asian countries and emerging economies in standards for technologies.

Vital highlights

• The Innovation Centre is expected to give the opportunity to Indian technology firms to make their case for being part of global standards, which has been largely influenced by companies from developed countries and have huge influence on telecom businesses globally.

• The center will also collaborate with firms for joint research in the field of standardization for 5G, artificial intelligence, and upcoming new technologies.

ITU establishment

• Besides the Innovation Centre, ITU’s first regional office for South Asia will also get established in India.

• The ITU charges 32,000 swiss francs, almost equal to USD 32,000, from an organisation for full time membership. However, the regional centre will offer it for around USD 2,000 per entity.

• The ITU innovation centre will work on adoption of technologies by small and medium businesses to enhance their productivity. The centre will collaborate with firms in the region for joint research in the field of standardisation for 5G, artificial intelligence and upcoming new technologies.


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