J and K draft of return policy for militants

• Jammu and Kashmir (J and K) Government has proposed draft Reintegration Policy for militants to encourage them to give up arms and join mainstream.

• It is presently under pre-State Administrative Council (SAC) stage consideration.SAC is the body governing J and K, which is under President’s rule.

• It is led by Governor and includes four advisors and Chief Secretary.

Key highlights

• The features of draft policy are:

• It addresses need for rehabilitation at a policy level through two-pronged approach-reformative measures and opportunities of livelihood

• It also has provision for monthly stipend of Rs 6,000 for militant who surrenders with view to encourage him to join the mainstream and

• It will not cover militants found to have been involved in heinous crimes.

• The proposed policy is essentially a revised version of earlier initiatives but with a renewed focus on socio-economic re-integration.

• An earlier policy from 2010 had focused on ensuring the return of former militants from the state of J and K.

• It was for those who had taken up arms between January 1989 and December 2009 but later gave up insurgent activities due to a change of heart and are willing, to return to the state.

• In 2004 also, a “rehabilitation policy” was implemented.

• This policy had laid out provisions to provide vocational training for surrendered militants who wished to pursue trade, and a monthly stipend of Rs 2,000 for the first three years.


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