Kaiga Atomic Power Station creates world record for continuous operation for 941 days

• The Kaiga Atomic Electric power Station of Karnataka has established a new planet report, with a single of its models performing consistently without the need of any interruption for more than 940 days. The former world history was held by Device 2 of Heysham of the United Kingdom.

• It operated with out any interruption for 940 times.

About Kaiga Atomic Energy Station:

• Kaiga Atomic Electrical power Station is a nuclear electricity producing station found at Kaiga in Karnataka, India.

• It is operated by the Nuclear Ability Company of India.

• The electric power plant has been performing since March 2000.

• The Kaiga energy plant has 4 units of 220 MW each and every.

• The overall energy making capability of Kaiga electric power plant is 880 MW

• It is the third greatest nuclear electricity plant in India. Tarapur (1400 MW) of Maharashtra is the biggest and Rawatbhata (1180 MW) of Rajatshan is the 2nd most significant energy plant in India.

• It provides electric power to Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

About Kiaga Electricity plant

• The exact same device of Kiaga Electricity plant experienced set a world history in October 2018 when it functioned non-stop 894 times.

• The report established by Kaiga electricity plant is a record for all varieties of units in the planet which create nuclear energy, including highly developed gas-based mostly reactors.


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