Karnataka launches SC/ST entrepreneurship scheme

• The success of Unnati and Airavata schemes, Karnataka Social Welfare Department today launched the Samruddhi scheme to boost employment opportunities for SC/ST youth through entrepreneurship.

• The government is partnering with private enterprises to train the youth from backward communities.

• To create industry owned private enterprise, the State government signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with 30 retail companies of the 62 which have shown interest.

• The 30 companies which have signed MoU are to provide self-employment opportunities for around 25,000 beneficiaries from the SC/ST communities.

• The department is hoping to create around 10,000 entrepreneurs annually in the next three years from among the economically and socially marginalised communities in the State.

• These entrepreneurs will in their turn create jobs in rural and semi urban areas, and help push employment and skill development in the State further.

• The government hopes that this scheme will ultimately benefit aspiring, young citizens from rural and tier II cities and ensure sustainable and all-round development,” said Kharge.


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