Logistics Development Committee constituted to suggest policy reforms

• The Economic Advisory Council to the Primary Minister (EAC-PM) has constituted a Logistics Development Committee below the Chairmanship of Dr. Bibek Debroy, Chairman of EAC-PM to assess important problems and suggest reforms in logistics development and connected commerce.

Composition of the Committee

• The committee comprises secretaries and heads of the concerned departments and ministries these kinds of as Profits, Commerce, Logistics, DIPP, Civil Aviation, Shipping and delivery, Highway Transport & Highways, Railways, Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC).

• It also included Dr. Jayanta Roy, a perfectly-recognized trade policy skilled specialising in trade and logistics facilitation.

• The committee was tasked to evaluate crucial worries in logistics progress and involved commerce and advise coverage reforms for simplicity of accomplishing trade in India.

Key Highlights

• The committee carried out several rounds of deliberations with different stakeholders that bundled senior officers from the Union and Condition governments, field associations, trade and logistics sector representatives.

• Dependent on their review and assessments, the committee geared up a extensive logistics and trade facilitation reform agenda.

• The reform agenda comprises a variety of distinct policy steps covering the total logistics benefit chain.

• It is built to fundamentally re-engineer the existing business enterprise procedures of the authorities and meant to facilitate an built-in “whole of the trade price chain” method.

• Additional, it proposes a new institutional framework to leverage co-procedure from all stakeholders toward a typical shared objective of transforming this space.

• The committee’s report has been submitted to the Authorities for thing to consider.

Track record

• Boosting trade and creating India a easy and simple area for doing business are an integral aspect of the broader financial priorities of the Authorities.

• The Federal government is in the procedure of applying a range of reform initiatives in this regard.

• Some reforms are built to goal the components elements of trade, which incorporates augmenting and modernising the hinterland logistics and infrastructure connectivity, while some some others are made to goal the software package areas, which are linked to regulatory and procedural surroundings for trade.

• As a consequence of the reforms, however the broader trade and logistics ecosystem in the state has improved noticeably, users nonetheless continue to experience some difficulties in this space.

• As a result, the Government is established to carry out much more reforms to create a clean and effective setting throughout the logistics price chain.


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