Macedonia to become NATO’s 30th member

• The former Yugoslav state has officially gained its new name as the Republic of North Macedonia, which means it can begin the official process of joining NATO.

• Allies now have to ratify the agreement, which is expected to take around 12 months.

• A NATO official said on Wednesday that the alliance expects the Republic of North Macedonia to be a full member by next spring. It will be the 14th country to join since 2004.

Vital highlights

• The country will have until 2024 to expand its defence expenditure to 2% GDP – the same as all other allies.

• North Macedonia has wanted to join NATO for some time but was unable due to a 27-year-long row with Greece.

• Greece had blocked Macedonia’s membership to NATO as they said the name implied territorial ambitions, because it used the same name as a neighbouring region in northern Greece.

• The country celebrated on Tuesday with a flag-raising ceremony marking the occasion.

• Prime Minister Zoran Zaev then tweeted: “Long live the Republic of North Macedonia.”


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