NITI Aayog to focus on health, education sectors

• NITI Aayog has identified three major sectors – health, education and children’s health -as priority sectors for interventions, said NITI Aayog Vice-Chairperson, Rajiv Kumar.

• “About 38% of children are malnourished while 50% mothers anaemic. We have to get rid of malnourishment and anaemia from the country.” Said Mr Kumar addressing the Odisha Vikash Conclave-2018.

• As per the Odisha Facts released on the occasion, anaemia among women and children is highest in ST and Christian Population in the State.

• More than 50% of women across all caste and social groups, except for in Muslims, suffer from anaemia, in Odisha.

• Stating that the goal of ‘Universalisation of Education’ has been achieved. It is time to assess the States on the quality parameter. NITI Aayog is preparing a mechanism to rank States on the basis of education quality achieved.

• Similarly, the Centre is planning to set up 1.5 lakh health and wellness centres across India as the existing primary health centres were not functioning properly. The new health centres would have telemedicine facilities apart from other modern equipment.

• The three-day long Odisha Conclave – 2018 got underway with hundreds of civil society members sharing best practices in the sector.

• One-third of the total population of Odisha was migrating to other States for work while 40% of the SC and ST population are outside the ambit of development.

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