Pakistan Senate panel seeks report from govt on action taken against terrorists

• A Pakistani Senate panel on Saturday sought a report from the interior ministry on the action taken against terrorists and banned outfits involved in the killing of Hazaras.

• This comes a day after a suicide blast targeting the minority Shia community killed 21 people in restive Balochistan province.

• A meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Interior took serious notice of the two deadly terror attacks in Balochistan on Friday. The Senate panel also sought a report about the release of activists of the banned outfits in the near past in Balochistan.

• Meanwhile, the Hazara community members are continuing a sit-on in Quetta to protest against what they term as the persistent failure of law enforcement agencies to provide them security.

About location

• The Hazaras are an ethnic group who are mainly concentrated in the mountainous central region of Afghanistan known as Hazarajat.

• There is also a Hazara population in Baluchistan, Pakistan. Most Pakistani Hazaras today live in the city of Quetta, in Balochistan.

Key highlights

• Religion: The Hazaras are Shi’ite Muslims.

• Ethnicity: The Hazaras believe themselves to be descendants of the Turko-Mongol tribes of Asia. However, there is little precise knowledge about their ethnic origins.

• Language: Most Hazaras today speak Dari, a form of Persian, also called Khorasani Persian. In addition to Persian, some Hazaras also speak Pashtu, Baluchi, and Turkic.

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