PM Modi to release commemorative coin on Paika Rebellion; will inaugurate Lalitgiri Archaeological Museum

• Primary Minister Narendra Modi will launch the commemorative coin and postage stamp in memory of Paika Rebel on December 24, 2018, all through his stop by to Bhubaneswar to commemorate Paika Insurrection.

• The Key Minister will also be inaugurating the Lalitgiri Archaeological Museum, incorporating a new facet of tourism in the region and improve the immense likely of employment era.

• The announcement with regards to this was designed by Minister of Condition for Culture, Mahesh Sharma and Minister of Petroleum & Pure Gasoline, Dharmendra Pradhan all through a Joint Press Convention.

Lalitgiri Archaeological Museum

• Lalitgiri is 1 of the earliest Buddhist settlements in Odisha positioned about 120 km north of Bhubaneswar in District Cuttack.

• As for every the plan of Website Museums, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) constructed the Website Museum at Lalitgiri for show and security of retrieved antiquities.

• The museum makes was produced by means of CPWD by incurring an expenditure of Rs 10 crores.

• The complete complicated is unfold across a space of 4750 sq. meters.

• The museum has been organised into six galleries with a screen of antiquities at a price of Rs 86 lakh.

• Large sculptures of the Buddha and a variety of Buddhist deities, architectural fragments of Viharas and Chaityas are arranged time period-sensible across six galleries.

• The most critical conclusions of the Lalitgiri are relic caskets found inside of the stupa for the duration of excavations in the year 1985. A few Khondalite stone caskets were being found, out of which two have just one set of steatite, silver and gold caskets each and every with the relics within in the form of charred bones.

Paika Rebel

• The Paik Insurrection, also known as the Paika Bidroha, was an armed riot versus the British East India Firm’s rule that took put in Odisha in 1817.

• The Paikas were being the classic landed militia of Odisha. They served as warriors and ended up charged with policing features during peacetime.

• The conquest of Odisha by the East India Organization in 1803 and the dethronement of the Raja of Khurda led to falling in the energy and prestige of the Paikas.

• The Paik rebellion experienced various social, economic and political explanations. The Paiks were being alienated by the British regime, who took in excess of the hereditary lease-free of charge lands granted to them immediately after the conquest of Khurda.

• They were also subjected to extortion and oppression at the hands of the business federal government and its servants.

• The Paik insurrection was led by Bakshi Jagabandhu, former commander of forces of the Raja of Khurda and the past King of Khurda, Raja Mukunda Deva.

• The rebel appreciated popular assist in Oriya society with feudal chiefs, zamindars and the prevalent men and women of Odisha collaborating in it.

• It promptly distributes throughout most of Odisha right before getting ruthlessly crushed by the East India Corporation.


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