PM Narendra Modi visits National Cemetery in Seoul, pays homage to fallen soldiers

• Recently, the Prime Minister of India visited South Korea (Republic of Korea).

• Prime Minister was honored with the Seoul Peace Prize during the visit.

Outcome of Visit

• During the visit, a number of agreements were signed.

• MoU on the release of commemorative postal stamp on Queen Hur (Suriratna), a legendary Princess of Ayodhya, who went to Korea in AD 48 and married King Kim-Suro.

• MoU was signed to continue operations of Korea Plus- an organization that facilitates investments by Korean companies in India.

• Korea Plus was operationalized in June 2016, and comprises representatives from the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Energy of South Korea, Korea Trade-Investment and Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and Invest India.

• MoU on Start-up Cooperation, Cooperation in Broadcasting, cooperation in road and transport infrastructure development.

• MoU on Combating Transnational Crime And Developing Police Cooperation.

Seoul Peace Prize

• The Seoul Peace Prize was established in 1990 to commemorate the success of the 24th Olympic Games held in Seoul, Republic of Korea – an event in which 160 nations from across the world took part, creating harmony and friendship and a worldwide atmosphere of peace and reconciliation.

• The Seoul Peace Prize has been awarded biennially to those individuals who have made their mark through contributions to the harmony of mankind, reconciliation between nations and to world peace.


Mains Paper 2: International Relations

Prelims level: Seoul Peace Prize

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