• The Prime Minister’s flagship program e-NAM has achieved another milestone by commencing inter-State trade between mandis of two different States.

Vital highlights of the flagship program

• Earlier trade used to happen either within the APMC or between two APMCs situated within same state.

• The very first Inter State transaction in tomatoes has been carried out between trader of Bareilly e-NAM APMC of Uttar Pradesh and farmer of Haldwani e-NAM APMC of Uttarakhand.

• The inter -State transactions in potatoes, brinjal & cauliflower have been carried out between the e-NAM mandis of Uttarakhand & Uttar Pradesh.

• In all the cases, e-payments have been made through e-NAM portal.
• This will helps farmers get better market access, more buyers/ traders & realise better prices for their produce.

• To facilitate inter State trade between the e-NAM States, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare, Govt. of India, conducted series of coordination meetings with concerned States and Mandi board officials/ Mandi secretaries.
• As a result of these interactions, both the States have now facilitated licensing of traders of each other for inter-State trade on e-NAM portal.

About E-NAM scheme

• E-NAM i.e. National Agriculture Market is a pan-India electronic trading (e-trading) portal which seeks to network the existing physical regulated wholesale market (known as APMC market) through a virtual platform to create a unified national market for agricultural commodities.

• e-NAM platform promotes better marketing opportunities for the farmers to sell their produce through online competitive and transparent price discovery system and online payment facility.

• It also promotes prices commensurate with quality of produce.

• The e-NAM portal provides single window services for all APMC related information and services. This includes commodity arrivals, quality & prices, buy & sell offers & e-payment settlement directly into farmers’ account, among other services.

Aim of this program

• Now the Farmers can access the information on e-NAM easily through their mobile phones from anywhere.

• This online trading platform aims at reducing transaction costs, bridging information asymmetry and helps in expanding the market access for farmers.

• So far, 585 Regulated Markets of 16 States and 2 Union Territories have been integrated to e-NAM platform.

• Government has also decided to integrate additional 415 markets by March, 2020.

• “Logistic providers” information is also being provided in the e-NAM portal to traders from outside the State, which will facilitate transportation of commodities after trading.

• An Inter-State dashboard on e-NAM platform has been developed to promote inter State trade among e-NAM States.


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