Rail Madad: an app to expedite and streamline passenger grievance redressal

• Indian Railway has for the first time completely digitized the Complaint management system by launching a new app called “Rail Madad” – an app to expedite and streamline passenger grievance redressal. RPGRAMS (Railway Passenger Grievance Redressal and Management System), which has been developed by Northern Railway and comprises many novel features including ‘Rail Madad’.

• It relays real-time feedback to passengers on the status of redressal of their complaints. RPGRAMS integrates all the passenger complaints received from multiple modes (14 offline/online modes currently) on a single platform, analyzes them holistically and generates various types of management reports which enable the top management to continuously monitor the pace of redressal as well as evaluate the performance of field units/trains/stations on various parameters.

Silent Features of Rail Madad App

• Rail MADAD (Mobile Application for Desired Assistance During Travel) registers a complaint with minimum inputs from the passenger (option of the photo also available), issues unique ID instantly and relays the complaint online to relevant field officials for immediate action. The action taken on the complaint is also relayed to the passenger through SMS, thus fast-tracking the entire process of redressal of complaints through digitization.

• Rail MADAD also displays various helpline numbers and provides direct calling facility for immediate assistance in one easy step.

• All modes of filing complaints including offline and online modes are being integrated on a single platform, therefore, the resultant management reports present a holistic picture of weak/deficient areas and enable focused corrective action by official concerned.

• The data analysis would also generate trends on various performance parameters of a selected train/station like cleanliness, amenities etc thus making managerial decisions more precise and effective.

• Hierarchy based dashboard/reports will be available for management at Division/Zonal/Railway Board level and sent through the auto mail to every concerned officer weekly.

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