RBI launches SRPHi

• The Reserve Financial institution of India (RBI) has launched Study on Retail Payment Habits of Persons (SRPHi).

• The Study will seize payment habits of men and women in cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru and Guwahati.

About the Study

• Sigma Research & Consulting Pvt Ltd has been engaged by RBI to conduct the fieldwork of the survey.

• All over 6000 individuals from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds across 6 metropolitan areas would be protected under the survey.

• The study seeks qualitative responses from people on their payment practices.

• The findings of the survey will provide insights into recognition and use behaviours of digital payment products.


Mains Paper 2: Governance

Prelims level: SRPHi

Mains level: Details about this scheme

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