Rss Feed For Aspirant World

The aspirant world provides you daily current affairs and editorial analysis to help you prepare for competitive exams. The aspirant world offers a variety of Android app to its users but sadly we don’t have any support for IOS and Windows devices yet.

To fill this gap you can use our RSS Feed to get regular update easily.

Link –


How to use RSS Feed link

  1. To get started with the RSS feed you need an RSS Reader installed on your device. There is a variety of RSS Reader available on the app store, just search “RSS reader” on the app store. Few popular ones are Feedly, Inoreader & Palabre to name a few.
  2. Copy the link  provided above and paste it into the RSS Reader app.
  3. Just refresh the content and enjoy reading. That’s all.


If you find any difficulty regarding the RSS feed, do leave us a mail at – and we will get back to you.