SMART project in Maharashtra villages

• Maharashtra Government has released Planet Lender assisted Condition of Maharashtra’s Agribusiness and Rural Transformation (Clever) Undertaking to renovate rural Maharashtra.

• This task aims to revamp agricultural worth chains, with exclusive target on marginal farmers across 1,000 villages.

• This initiative is in line with Union Government’s action in the direction of doubling farmers’ earnings by 2022.

• The launch of undertaking which was adopted by signing of 50 memorandum of understandings (MoUs) in between major corporates and farmers producer teams.

State of Maharashtra’s Agribusiness and Rural
Transformation (Intelligent) Venture

• The aim of job is to build and assist benefit chains in write-up-harvest segments of agriculture, aid agribusiness expenditure, stimulate SMEs within just the benefit chain.

• It will also support resilient agriculture production units, grow entry to new and organised marketplaces for producers and greatly enhance private sector participation in the agribusiness.

• The undertaking will be implemented in 10,000 villages of complete 40,913 villages in states with goal to obtain sustainable farming in just the upcoming 3 yrs. It will address just about a person-fourth of Maharashtra.

• Its emphasis is on villages which are reeling beneath worst agriculture disaster compounded by lack of infrastructure and assured price chains to channelise farm develop.

• The job will be implemented in 10,000 villages comprising 10,000 gram panchayats which have been shortlisted by point out government dependent on a number of parameters of socio-financial backwardness in terms of improvement and progress.


• The task is big action towards transformation of rural economic climate and empowerment of farmers and also sustainable agriculture by way of general public-non-public partnership (PPP) design.

• It seeks to absolutely sure larger manufacturing of crops and produce strong market mechanism to enable farmers to enjoy greater remunerations for the generate.

• It unites agriculture-oriented corporates and farmers by furnishing them prevalent system.


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