States Startup Ranking 2018 released: Gujarat ranked Best Performer

• The Office of Industrial Policy and Advertising (DIPP) on December 20, 2018 declared the results of the 1st at any time States’ Start-up Rating 2018.

• DIPP commenced the exercise to assessment the Start out-up ecosystem of the states from January 2016.

• Gujarat was ranked as the “Best Performer” in the States’ Begin-up Position 2018. Gujarat allotted Rs 100 Crore finances for Startups and presented aid to 200 tasks.

• A total of 27 States and 3 Union Territories participated in the workout.

Classes beneath which states had been scrutinized

• The DIPP examined the States as leaders throughout numerous groups these kinds of as Start off-up coverage leaders, incubation hubs, seeding innovation, scaling innovation, regulatory adjust champions, procurement leaders, conversation champions, North-Eastern leader, and will point out chief.

• On the basis of effectiveness in these categories, the States were recognised as the Best Performer, Leading Performers, Leaders, Aspiring Leaders, Emerging States and Inexperienced persons.

• Fifty-one officers from States and Union Territories have been identified as “Champions”, who have made significant contributions towards developing their State’s Start-up ecosystem.

Major performer

• Best Performer: Gujarat

• Top Performers: Karnataka, Kerala, Odisha, and Rajasthan

• Leaders: Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Telangana

• Aspiring Leaders: Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal

• Emerging States: Assam, Delhi, Goa, Jammu & Kashmir, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, and Uttarakhand

• Beginners: Chandigarh, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Puducherry, Sikkim, and Tripura

Key objectives

• The exercise was to encourage States and Union Territories to take proactive steps towards strengthening the Start-up ecosystems in their states.

• The methodology has been aimed at creating healthy competition among States to further learn, share and adopt good practices.

• The entire exercise was conducted for capacity development and to further the spirit of cooperative federalism.

• Awareness workshops in all States, knowledge workshops in leading incubators, pairing of States for intensive mentoring, international exposure visits to US and Israel and intensive engagement between the States with Start-up India team, and video conferencing have helped many States initiate effective measures to support Start-ups.

Initiatives taken by DIPP

• DIPP consulted all stakeholders of the Start out-up ecosystem and arrived up with 7 vital reform places as the basis of the States’ Begin-up position framework.

• An on the web portal was introduced by DIPP to help States in seamlessly submitting their initiatives throughout these reform spots.

• An Analysis Committee, comprising independent specialists from the Get started-up ecosystem, assessed the responses throughout a variety of parameters.

• Several parameters concerned finding suggestions from beneficiaries.

• Additional than 40000 phone calls ended up designed in 9 distinctive languages to join with beneficiaries to get authentic figures at the implementation concentrations.


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