Turtle nesting site in danger

• Cyclone Titli and the resultant rains have started to degrade the mass nesting site of olive ridley turtles at the Rushikulya river mouth in Odisha’s Ganjam district.

• Huge quantities of debris and waste material brought by the flooded river have been deposited on the coast.

A possible threat

• This can be a threat to the nesting site and may dissuade the olive ridleys from nesting here next year.

• According to Rabindranath Sahu of the Rushikulya Sea Turtle Protection Committee (RSTPC), the seven-km stretch of the olive ridley nesting beach from Purunabandha to Prayagi is now covered by waste and debris carried by flood waters of Rushikulya river.

• Expressing concern, Berhampur Divisional Forest Officer Ashis Behera hoped that the tidal action of the sea in the next few months would clean up the beach to some extent.

• Mr. Behera said, “The biodegradable waste will decompose fast in salt water but we are worried about the plastic, polythene and other non-biodegradable waste that continue to pile up at the coast near the river mouth.”

• The Rushikulya river mouth beach is a major nesting site of the endangered olive ridley turtles.


Mains Paper 3: Environment

Prelims level: Sea Turtle Protection Committee

Mains level: Not so important

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