Urban Affairs Ministry launches Light House Project challenge

• The Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs has instituted a challenge for States/ UTs to select six sites across the country for constructing the Lighthouse projects under GHTC-India.

• MoHUA encourages all States/ UTs to participate in this challenge proactively.

Key highlights

• The winning six States/ UTs that score the highest marks across the prescribed criteria will be awarded lighthouse projects.

• The States/ UTs will receive Central Assistance to construct these projects as per PMAY (U) guidelines.

• In addition to this, a Technology Innovation Grant (TIG) for the States/ UTs is provisioned to offset the impact of any additional cost implication due to the use of new technology and to absorb the issues related to economies of scale and other related factors.

• The selected sites for lighthouse projects will be used as an ‘open laboratory’ for live demonstration and will receive due attention from academia (Civil Engineering, Planning, Architecture), practitioners (Public/ Private), policy makers (Central/ State) and media apart from felicitation/ recognition in Grand Expo-cum-Conference

• The Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs has already launched a “Global Housing Technology Challenge-India (GHTC- India)”.

The challenge has three components

• Conduct of Grand Expo-cum-Conference.

• Identifying Proven Demonstrable Technologies from across the globe and;

• Promoting Potential Technologies through the establishment of Affordable Sustainable Housing Accelerators- India (ASHA-I) for incubation and accelerator support.

• Out of the three, the second component intends to identify and pilot ‘Proven Demonstrable Technologies’ from around the world in actual housing projects in different parts of the country.

• The shortlisted global technology providers will be invited to plan and construct light house projects within the framework of PMAY (U) on pre-selected sites provided by States/UTs across six identified PMAY.


Mains Paper 3: Economy

Prelims level: Light House Project challenge

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