Vienna is world’s most liveable city; New Delhi on 112, Mumbai 117

• South Asian Countries including India have fared poorly in a ranking of the world’s most liveable cities topped by Austria Capital Vienna, with New Delhi figuring at 112th and Mumbai 117th position in a list of 140 cities.

• Pakistan’s financial capital Karachi and Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka are among the world’s least liveable cities in the annual Global Liveability Index released by The Economist.

• Syria’s capital Damascus is on the bottom of the list.

• The top 10 cities are Vienna, Melbourne, Osaka, Calgary, Sydney, Vancouver, Tokyo, Toronto, Copenhagen and Adelaide respectively.

• New Delhi has been ranked at 112th and Mumbai at 117th.

• The list ranks 140 cities on a range of factors, including political and social stability, crime, education and access to healthcare.

• The liveability index quantifies the challenges that might be presented to an individual’s lifestyle and assesses which location provides the best living conditions.

• The survey rates cities worldwide based on 30 qualitative and quantitative criteria, which fall into five general categories: Stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

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